Friday, 25 November 2011

New Zealand continued

I forgot to say that I am in New Zealnd for 2 months so there will be a lot of updates from here.  After the Rotorua. the tour took me to Taupo which is another Geothermal town with hot springs.  There is also a national part that contains a certain mountain that appears in Lord of the rings which you can hike. No I did not hike it why because it cost $59 and I am here for 2 months so I will be going back that way and I hope the weather is better as it was very cold and it was raining.  Taupo lead to river valley yes you guested it its a lodge in a valley which has a river that runs infront of it one night there and onto Wellington.  As I said before I haven't done that much here in the North island because I will be going round it again before I leave for my next destination.  But hopefully expect more interesting thoughts and activities from the south island.
Food at the Hangi (Maori cultural experience)
 The Beautiful Redwoods as we left Rotorua.
 Huka Falls
View as we got to River Valley (Hobbit country)

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