Friday, 11 November 2011

Day travelling and Yangshou

Another day of travelling by bus and overnight train to Guilin. The only difference this time on the train was that I had to sleep on the top bed which involves climbing a ladder. For those who know me they know I usually freak out when faced with steps but I made it after the rest of the group talked me through it because I froze,  after the train it was another bus ride to Yangshou.  Yangshou is my favourite place in china where you can see the paddy fields and mountains as we could not check in until 11am and we arrived at 6am we had a little tour around and then breakfast at the first place where they have menu written in english so it was scrambled egg on taost for breakfast yummy. After check in and a shower it was a bamboo boat ride up/down the river Li which is beautiful. We then went to watch the birds that fish at night think HSBC advert of the bird picking up fish and dropping it into the basket well think again it was a more agressive of hitting the birds and throwing them into the water and forcing them in. Not nice something I would not recomment for anyone to see.  Day to I spent just chilling and walking round Yangshou followed by a light show which was nice. Last day in Yangshou was busy I took a Tai Chi lesson, Kung Fu lesson and a cooking lesson so I was up at 6am and finished by 1pm then waited until 6pm for the bus to the train station to get the train the Hong Kong.

View from bamboo boat
 Li river
Other side of Li river

Fisherman and birds ready to fish.

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