Friday, 11 November 2011

Train to Hong Kong

The last train of the tour another overnight train again on the top bed. The train went to shenzhen which is the border of mainland China and Hong Kong. We arrived at 11am and had to go through immigration which was strange as we had to walk through the train station and fill in an arrival card the reason it is weird is because on the plane or train when I crossed borders the card/form has been given to us to fill in before we get to the border/country where are we had to fill it in at the station. After going through immigration one more train to the hotel so we had to get the underground/subway/metro.  Once we had checked in we when on our last tour we went to the avenue of stars where the statue of Bruce Lee and other chinese actors have put their hand prints.  Then it was off to Hong Kong central via the ferry then a tram to victoria peak for the light show which we didn't see because fog rolled in and it started to rain.

Bruce Lee

 Hong Kong harbour


 Hong Kong central at night


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