Thursday, 7 June 2012

Central Cuba Tour: Santa Clara

On our first day of the 8 day tour we headed towards Santa Clara a 4 and a 1/2 hour bus journey on the way we stopped off to see the Che Guevara monument but the museum had closed early due to mothers day.  We met our home stay family who were very nice we then had a tour of the Santa Clara which is quite a small place, they have what can only be described as a community dance place which holds different events for different days of the week including the only recognised gay disco,  the day we went it was an OAP dance going on.  Had my first mojito not my drink and then went to the tallest building in Santa Clara which was in a siege during the revolution and still has bullet holes in the building.  Our Guide taught us the basic Salsa steps its harder than it looks.  In the morning we headed to Trinidad yes there is a trinidad in Cuba, we stopped off at another monument where a siege was held against Batista and the revolutionaries.  Batista's men were in the train cars on a very hot day waiting to ambush the rebels but as the cars got hotter they surrendered to the revolutionaries.

People waiting for transport.
 Che Guevara Monument
Sign at Che Guevara's Monument can't remember what us says.
The pattern in the ground represents the people of Cuba as being one regardless of ethnic background.

Monument depicting the story of the revolution.
What is now a library in Santa Clara.
The Community dance place
The tallest building in Santa Clara
Navin, Dorothy, Ivan (Guide) Megan
Home stay family.
Monument to a siege that involved Train cars
Same monument representing the fighting.

Cuba pre tour

Whilst travelling in New Zealand I met some people who went to Cuba and decided that it sounded great and that I should go there.  On my first day it was rather a culture shock for starters internet access is very difficult to get and is very expensive hence the reason I am updating my blog now I am back home.  Second of all is the people approaching you to buy things for them e.g. drinks also asking for any clothes.  The amount of supplies they have in the shops is very limited and so it is very difficult to get a hold of anything.  Their roads are very confusing and as I said made more so by people asking you for things in spanish or trying to get your attention by whistling at you. So I just walked around in circles for the first day the second day I managed to find the art museum which was very interesting and a bit depressing in places.

First view of Havana
Arts Theatre with giant ants
Driving to havana.
Cuba art museum.
View from the Hotel Plaza

Saturday, 14 April 2012


So one week in Spain for a wedding is not enough time to soak up the atmosphere and see the sights.  The weather was great 24+ degrees some days. The wedding went well just a little full on running around finding the way just as well we has a convoy of two cars following each other.  so in a nut shell good weather, good food and good company what else can you ask for?

Me looking like frump girl.
The bride aka my sister.
Group pic.
The day before the wedding we walked and came across this puddle.
A walk by the beach.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Travel round up

So I am back safe and sound in the UK after my wirl wind trip around the world. this will be my last post until I save up enough to go traveling again.  So what have a learnt from my travels 1. I am very accident prone 2. no matter where you go you always meet people with a similar belief, up bringing and humour. 3. when you go to a place you need more than 24 hours to enjoy the atmosphere the sights and the food.  My favourite places Mongolia, Hong Kong and New Zealand; why because the people and atmosphere is so chilled and relaxed.  The best place for hot chocolate has to be Russia so thick your spoon stands up in the cup. Best chocolate milkshake was in Ulaanbataar.  Best food in Hong kong as to be at the Wine and Deli prawn linguini for only £6, Cheapest Disney land again Hong Kong £30 for all day entry. Best place for people with food allergies New Zealand gluten free and nut free food that taste amazing.  The countries I would recommend to people to see New Zealand followed by Hong Kong.  The other countries depend on what you want to see and get out of visiting them.  One thing I would say to quote a friend when you start travelling it makes you greedy and all you want to do it travel more and more I have already added at least another 5 countries and counting.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Toronto and Family

After leaving Vancouver I arrived in Toronto to visit family and catch a few sights.  Family number one took me to lake Ontario, The Bata Shoe museum, Science centre to see Da Vinci's inventions, and Ottawa.  Family number two took me to the ceramic museum. Family number three took me to Niagra falls at night and a winter festival with the appearance of Darth and foot soldiers.  Family number four took me to a hindu temple and CN tower. Family number five took me shopping for some much needed clothes. Families six, seven and eight were unfortunately short visits due to time and availability. Going to the exhibition of Da Vinci's invertions was great especially as there was a copy of the last supper to which a school kid pointed to Judas and said to her friend thats the one Lady Gaga sings about before breaking into Lady Gagas song worrying I think so. My trip to Toronto however was mainly to see family that I haven't seen in 15 years or so and to be entertained by all of my new nieces and nephews which I worked out is 20 of them some of which I didn't know existed. Does this make me a bad aunty probably can I remember their names no which probably means I'm not a bad aunty just a very forgetfully aunty. Managed to see most of the family will just have to come back as they told me in the summer when the weather is better.  Right now I am just looking out of the window and it is snowing and wondering if my flight will be leaving tomorrow for home.  Aaahhhh home my own bed and not living out of a backpack.

Lake Ontario
  Parliament building Ottawa
Quebec seen from Ottawa. 
The Canal where people ice skate. (Ottawa)
 Bottle left in the frozen canal.
Melted snow that has frozen on the rocks on the way back to Toronto.
 Sunset heading towards Niagra fall.
Yellow light on Niagra Falls.
 Meeting Darth and his followers.
My Cousin the storm trooper.
 Ice Sculpture.
 No I didn't go to india I did go to an Hindu temple though.
  In CN Tower.
 A view from CN Tower.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Last Day in Vancouver

Well the Big bus tour gave me an idea of the what there is to see but I think alot of it would be more impressive in the spring or summer so I guess I will just have to come back.  It turns out there is North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Vancouver all seperate cities.  I went to North Vancover to the Capilano suspension bridge thats right people another swing bridge and this one is longer than any I have been on before. No panicing just walked over and even stopped to take pictures.  It was stunning it crosses over the Capilano river but it was freezing there was also some great views of Grouse mountain where people go to ski, no didn't go skiing, yes I would have if I wasn't frozen.  Also it turns out that they have a lot of bears especially black bears which can climb trees something I didn't know.  Anyway someone suggested doing something crazy and ride a grizzly bear however for those animal loves out there you will know its January and winter which means they are also hibernating and won't be out and about till spring.  So what am I doing for my last day here answer absolutely nothing apart from updateing this and packing for my earliest start since I left home 4am yes thats right I am going to have to wake up before 10am the first time in a week and a half to catch my 7am flight to Toronto.

 Fountain before the swing bridge.
The suspension bridge.
 Frozen trout pond.

No Graffiti.
 Snow Graffiti.
 Capilano River.
 I think Grouse Mountain in the distance if not just a random mountain.
The closest I could get to a bear.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


As I said in my last post I was going to avoid spending any money for the last 6 days in Auckland which I managed to do by pretty much staying in the dorm and not going any where apart from the kitchen and back to the dorm.  It is possible to waste time all I did was spend time on the net, read my book and yes played a lot of solitaire to try and beat my top score.  Any way the flight to Vancouver was straight forward apart from the bit where I didn't sleep for the 12 hour flight to LA then the 3 hour wait in transit, but I did manage to get some sleep in the 3 hour flight to vancouver.  So in total I have 4 days here in vancouver I have had a wonder around and got the Big bus tour around Vancouver and all I can say so far is its like every other city maybe because it's winter here and the days are short but there aren't many places where there is a visible mountain range which looks like a christmas seen all dusted with snow.  I am looking forward to the Capilano suspension bridge tomorrow.

 Inside Christ Church Cathedral. (not the one in New Zealand)
 Christ Church from the outside hidden by tall buildings.
 On the way to the information center.
View from the Harbour