Tuesday, 27 December 2011


What is there to do in Wellington during christmas I hear you ask, well that is easy not much on christmas day because everything is closed apart from the museum.  So we spent the day watching TV just like I would have done at home. The day before we wondered around wellington getting lost and getting our barings, we found Katherine Mansfields birthplace (which was closed) with the help of a local who found us very confused as the map was wrong.  Boxing day we went to the Museum Te Papa and went to the wedding dress exhibition looking at dresses from 1800s to present which was interesting and there were some weird and wonderful dresses from contemporary designers.  Then we hit the shops yes boxing day sales and managed to find clothes that actually fit me the first time in a while.  Then today was the big tour yes thats right people it was the LOTRs tour which was great fun recreating different scenes from the film and using the all might imagination.  Went past Peter Jacksons house and no there are no photos as Kiwis do not pester him or chase stars, we also went past the studios and saw a little building which is in the hobbit again no pics as we weren't allowed to.  Hopefully when we go to Hobbiton I might be able to get a couple of pics of the hobbits houses.  Oh nearly forgot also went to Weta Cave which is the company that did all of the costumes, CGI etc and sets. They have done a lot of work for a lot for different films, King Kong, Avatar, Chronicals of Narnia and many more I have forgot half of them. Again the pics speak volumes use your imagination.

 Rivendell sign.
On the way to Rivendell.
 Imagine some stairs on the right hand side that would lead into the center of Rivendell meeting area.
 Grace the Elf.
 Imagine a bridge in the background its the Gardens of Isengard.
 Helms Deep or Minas Tirith? see below.

Answer its both

Beer made for the pub scenes its only 1% though.
Minitures made at Weta.
 Out skirts of the Shire. aka Mt Victoria
 What it looked like in the film.
Frodo's Tree.
Where the Hobbits race to the ferry you know the scene.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Travelling to the south of the North Island

Has the weather improved has summer finally reached New Zealand answer yes.  Whilst in Rotorua I went back to the Maori cultural experience again which was actually better second time round as I managed to see all of the village and made sure I filled my plate up with food, Chicken, Lamb, Peas, sweet potato, and pudding pavlova Mmmmmmm. Following day we went to the Rotorua Museum basically smelt bad because of the sulpher from the thermal pools etc. Whilst in Taupo we went to see the Maori carvings which meant a boat ride and it was a beautiful day for it. Then to river valley time to chill out, read and take part in a Yoga lesson this morning before going to Wellington.

 Rotorua Museum
 Huka Falls
 Mum by the boat we went on.
 View from the boat
 Me on the boat.
 Maori Carvings

Sunday, 18 December 2011

North Island second time around.

Ok so my mum arrives in Auckland and it rains, we go out the following day and it rains, we join Kiwi Experience and head to Hot water beach the place where you can dig your own spa and it rains.  Next stop Waitomo yes you guessed it it rains now we are in Rotorua for two nights can anyone guess what it is like yep raining anyone seeing a pattern here?  However I have managed to book a couple of tours yes people I am in the land of the hobbit and therefore I am going on a LOTR's tour in wellington and hopefully to Hobbiton on the way back to Auckland.  Whilst in auckland I did manage to take a couple of pictures as it is Christmas time but doesn't really feel like christmas here apart from the said rain which was the first time I felt christmasy whilst being here.

 The View out of the window at Base.
 Even Orcs are getting into the christmas spirit.
 Who is this strange creature and where is my precious.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Back on the North Island

Arrived in wellington spent a day there just chilling and managed some how to spend $50 on bare essentails. Then went up to Taupo where we stopped off very briefly to see Mt Doom I wish I could remeber the real name of the Volcano but at this point in time I don't even know what day it is so there is no hope. After taupo back up to Auckland through some bubbling mud and where Hobbiton was built then to Paihia which is the place to go if you want to see the bay of islands.  I had planned to go to Paihia last as I was told that december is the beginning of summer so of course it rains when I get there.  Anyway I went to where they signed the Treaty of Waitangi which is a beautiful place regardless of the rubbish weather.  The treaty outlined how the land would be sold/land rights of the Maori people which is not being debated.  Lots of Maori's attended arriving in canoes they also have the largest canoe which can carry 80+ people. It was a good thing I planned to only stay for one night as the weather was still bad, however apparently they have had a draught in the Bay of Islands.  Now it is back to Auckland to start the whole journey all over again but just on the north island.

Mt Doom
 Bubbling mud.
 Lunch stop at Hobbiton
 Giant Canoe near the Treaty house.
The Treaty House.
 Maori meeting house.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Final part of the South island

Next stop Wanaka a nice little town where I had the best Fruit shake ever raspberry sorbet mixed with pomegranate and apple juice nom nom nom.  But the best bit was the fact that our Kiwi Driver told everyone on the bus that at 5pm if you go to the lake with peanut butter sandwiches people might be lucky to see some dolphins can anyone see the problem with this story, yes you guessed it dolphins live in the ocean not lakes.  Apparently quite a few people turned up to see the dolphins did I turn up no because I was drinking my yummy fruit shake.  Before we got to Queenstown the adventure capital we stopped of at Puzzleworld hours of fun in the maze and the hall of illusions.  So what did I do when I got to Queenstown I went Luging think Go Karting down hill great fun.  Food wise there are two places hungry badger 20inch pizzas nom nom nom, teapots and Fergburger giant burgers nom nom nom. Then it was to Kaikoura only a 10hour drive with a very short stop off in Christchurch. I had planned to stay in Christchurch but due to the earthquake hostels are limited and so I went straight to Kaikoura where you can swim with dolphins and go whale watching which unfortunately I did not have time for as I left the following morning for Wellington.

 I think Mt Cook but it could be Mt Tasman hard to tell with all the cloud.
 The aim of the maze was to get to the red,yellow,blue and green corners.
 Lost in the Maze
20 inch pizza Mmmmmm.
View of Queenstown on the way up to luging.
 Mmmm Fergburger
Me  attempting to eat fergburger.
 View of lake at Queenstown.
Seals as we head to the ferry back to the North island

Sunday, 4 December 2011

South Island continued

I have realised it is not easy to get to sleep if there are the following problems; the place you are staying in is freezing cold at night, people are running up and down outside your room and when people are shouting.  The next day an early start at 9 am to get to Franz Josef known for the Frans Josef Glacier.  It is a beautiful little town where everyone seems to know each other,  so what do you do when you arrive in Franz Josef I would recommend a 2 hour horse trek price $85 is it worth it definitely there are other places but they cost more and I think the views are stunning in Franz Josef plus I have never ridden a horse before and the guide was great. How do you follow up a 2 hour horse trek well you book yourself onto a full day glacier hike for the following day.  Admittedly I did not get that far before I had to turn around because of my knee but at least I got onto the ice and it was pretty much a full day as I only got back to town an hour before the rest of the full day hiker got back.  So after horse riding and a failed hike where do you go to the hot pools of course where there are 3 pools 36 degrees, 38 degrees and 40 degrees you start in the coolest and work your way up.  Now for those following my blog you will remember reading about my little mishap where I fell into a pool and now have a fear of water especially deep water well to get over the fear I went to the pools and by the end the water was up to my neck and I didn't freak out I even amanaged to float for 2 seconds before I got scared.

The start of my horse trek can you see the fear?
 One of many of me crossing a river.
 At the other side of the river.
 Towards the end of the trek my legs were sore.
 View from the dorm room.
 Franz Josef Glacier form the bottom.
One the way down to the glacier.
 Me pointing to the next section where I had to turn around.
The point I knew I had to turn back. (scarry stairs)
View of Franz Josef Glacier as we left Franz Joseph

New Zealand South Island

Meeting new people is always an interesting experience trying to remember names and trying not to offend people etc.  So the south island is said to be the best part of New Zealand at the beginning I felt that I prefered the north island but the south is beautiful Kiateriteri has a beautiful beach where I just walked along and chilled.  Westport an intersting little town that reminds me of the league of gentlemen/the wild west but the hostel was very nice. Lake Mahinapua and the poo bar party time the theme was "P" anything beginnig with the letter P e.g. Pirate etc.  The end result however was varied the owner was great the party ok some imaginative people in the group thats right there was a couple dressed as a pinapple and palm tree and a pregant man.  The late night shouting was not so great if you do Kiwi Experience take earplugs.

 On the way to the South Island.
 On the way to Kaiteriteri
 Messages left in the sand on the way to Kaiteriteri.
 Can you guess where I am?
Kaiteriteri beach has the most sun in New Zealand.
Guess what I'm dressed as I'll give you a hint is begins with P.
 Group photo.