Sunday, 20 November 2011

New Zealand

What I have seen of New Zealand so far is beautiful however its not fun travelling on your own especially after travelling with a fantastic group of people before hand.  So far I have been to two museums in Auckland which were very interesting and I have now started my Kiwi Experience journey around both the north and south islands.  However as many of you know New Zealand is the place to go for adreneline junkies which lets face it I am not.  Especially after the accidents I have had in the last month and a half which were nearly drowning, spraining my wriste and twisting my knee.  So I have decided its only the safe options for me. which means museums, parks and historical buildings.  Having said that I have dug a big hole on the beach to create a spa and gone to see glow warms and this afternoon I will go to one of the parks which has boiling pools of water which I have to add are fenced in.

 Musical instruments from the Polynesian islands
 Example of Maori house in Museum.
 View from the top of Mt Eden
 Hole that I dug for spa which turned out to be cold water but managed to use someone elses which was empty.
 Me hiking we had to go through a few tunnels.
The floor of the tunnel it was so dark I was using the flash to see the floor.
 Stair well to the caves to see the glow warms.
 Stalactites in the cave.
 If you look very carefully you might just see a green wiggly line its a glow warm.
 Moari lady demonstrating weaving at the cultural experience.

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