Monday, 7 November 2011

Beijing continued

So as we had a few extra days in Beijing we went exploring so we went to Lama Temple, the Botanical Gardens and Birds Nest which is where the olympics were held. Lama Temple was nice but like any other temple, the gardens where cheap to get into apart from the tropical bit.  The best time to see Birds nest is at night with the lights on.  From the Birds nest we followed music to find elderly chinese people ballroom dancing in the park,  we then followed more music to where the younger generation were roller skating and yes I had a go and yes I spent more time on my backside than up right and yes I did end up spraining my wrist after falling which is typical as I thought I was getting the hang of skating what a big fail but its was a great night out.

Lama Temple
All the don't at the botanical gardens
The best picture of birds nest I have which is not that great.

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