Friday, 20 January 2012

Last Day in Vancouver

Well the Big bus tour gave me an idea of the what there is to see but I think alot of it would be more impressive in the spring or summer so I guess I will just have to come back.  It turns out there is North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Vancouver all seperate cities.  I went to North Vancover to the Capilano suspension bridge thats right people another swing bridge and this one is longer than any I have been on before. No panicing just walked over and even stopped to take pictures.  It was stunning it crosses over the Capilano river but it was freezing there was also some great views of Grouse mountain where people go to ski, no didn't go skiing, yes I would have if I wasn't frozen.  Also it turns out that they have a lot of bears especially black bears which can climb trees something I didn't know.  Anyway someone suggested doing something crazy and ride a grizzly bear however for those animal loves out there you will know its January and winter which means they are also hibernating and won't be out and about till spring.  So what am I doing for my last day here answer absolutely nothing apart from updateing this and packing for my earliest start since I left home 4am yes thats right I am going to have to wake up before 10am the first time in a week and a half to catch my 7am flight to Toronto.

 Fountain before the swing bridge.
The suspension bridge.
 Frozen trout pond.

No Graffiti.
 Snow Graffiti.
 Capilano River.
 I think Grouse Mountain in the distance if not just a random mountain.
The closest I could get to a bear.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


As I said in my last post I was going to avoid spending any money for the last 6 days in Auckland which I managed to do by pretty much staying in the dorm and not going any where apart from the kitchen and back to the dorm.  It is possible to waste time all I did was spend time on the net, read my book and yes played a lot of solitaire to try and beat my top score.  Any way the flight to Vancouver was straight forward apart from the bit where I didn't sleep for the 12 hour flight to LA then the 3 hour wait in transit, but I did manage to get some sleep in the 3 hour flight to vancouver.  So in total I have 4 days here in vancouver I have had a wonder around and got the Big bus tour around Vancouver and all I can say so far is its like every other city maybe because it's winter here and the days are short but there aren't many places where there is a visible mountain range which looks like a christmas seen all dusted with snow.  I am looking forward to the Capilano suspension bridge tomorrow.

 Inside Christ Church Cathedral. (not the one in New Zealand)
 Christ Church from the outside hidden by tall buildings.
 On the way to the information center.
View from the Harbour

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rotorua on the way back to Auckland

Well we chose the perfect day to do the LOTRs tour, because after that it began to rain again as we headed north back to Auckland we stopped in Rotorua for a bit longer and spent New Years eve there.  Due to the rain we didn't do much apart from some souvenier shopping and book our tours to Hobbiton and the Buried Village.  Unfortunately as the release date for the Hobbit films are not until the end of this year and next year all of my photos can't go online, we even had to sign a contract saying that we would not put anything online or mention anything that we were told about the film set/film. But as I don't retain info as many of you know I can't really remember what was said, all I can say is the area the film set is based have a lot of sheep that like to play chicken with passing transport.  Oh we also got to see some sheep shearing as well and feed some lambs.  Our Hobbit tour was followed up with another tour to the Buried Village which is a village as you guessed that is/was buried during a volcanic eruption in the mid to late 1800s. This eruption also destroyed the 8th wonder of the world the pink and white terraces it also covered the near by villages in volcanic mud/ash. When we got back to Auckland it was still raining so we sorted out our flights and bought food, the next day was great perfect weather for the Great taste of Matakana which basically a wine tasting tour, we also got to try honey and chocolate in all there were 14 different types of wine I only tried the white wine lunch was at a lovely vine yard.  Then it rained again so we saw a couple of the local historical houses Ewelme Cottage and Highwic house.  We also went to see The Iron Lady and Sherlock Holmes Game of shadows two films in one day. Now I have 6 days left until I leave for Vancouver so I'm going to avoid spending any more money.

 A little place called Bulls.
 Maori house in the buried village.
 Wine Tasting