Sunday, 20 November 2011

Melbourne and Mt Gambier

So what did I do in Aus that is simple I spent at least four day up dating this blog why because china did not want me to have a blog.  I did manage to do I went to the rememberance statue in melbourne, the old Gaol that makes to gaols now one in dublin and now in melbourne.  I also went to the museum which was as always very informative about the aboriginies.  I also went to a couple of mountains; Mt Dandenong, Mt schank (I think how that is how it is spelt) We had a BBQ at Mt Dandenong with my cousin and her friends.  The went to Mt Gambier with a friend and all od his friends.  Now there are a couple of thigs people need to know about Sri Lankan's if you have not met many of them.  They cannot eat food with out chilli and they need their cup of tea.  This was evident as someone forgot to bring tea with them on the 6+hrs drive thank god I wasn't the one having to do the driving which is a change.  We went to the Blue Lake which is amazing and is only blue during the summer months.  At Mt Schank I hiked up to the top yes that is right people I hiked up to the top no complaining no wining I just climb up and back down.  The only thing I didn't do was look into the crater as it is an extinct volcano. Then on the way back we went along the great ocean road which was beautiful. After all that it left me enough time to pack for New Zealand.

Just because its random
 Giants chair at Mt Dandenong
 View from Mt Dandenong if you look closely you can see Melbourne city
Old Melbourne Gaol
The group that I travelled with.
 Blue lake in Mt Gambier area
 View from Mt Schank
Sri Lankan style of travelling yes they took a cooker to make tea on the way.
 Mist rolling in at the 12 apostles.

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