Sunday, 4 December 2011

New Zealand South Island

Meeting new people is always an interesting experience trying to remember names and trying not to offend people etc.  So the south island is said to be the best part of New Zealand at the beginning I felt that I prefered the north island but the south is beautiful Kiateriteri has a beautiful beach where I just walked along and chilled.  Westport an intersting little town that reminds me of the league of gentlemen/the wild west but the hostel was very nice. Lake Mahinapua and the poo bar party time the theme was "P" anything beginnig with the letter P e.g. Pirate etc.  The end result however was varied the owner was great the party ok some imaginative people in the group thats right there was a couple dressed as a pinapple and palm tree and a pregant man.  The late night shouting was not so great if you do Kiwi Experience take earplugs.

 On the way to the South Island.
 On the way to Kaiteriteri
 Messages left in the sand on the way to Kaiteriteri.
 Can you guess where I am?
Kaiteriteri beach has the most sun in New Zealand.
Guess what I'm dressed as I'll give you a hint is begins with P.
 Group photo.

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