Friday, 4 November 2011

Trans Mongolian second time round

So we had a very early start for the Trans Mongolian the final stretch of the tour.  As you expect we all chatted and played games mainly 20 questions to pass the time.  When we got to the mongolian border we had to go through the whole pocess of waiting for the customs to collect forms and passports and yet again the toilets were closed because we were at a station which meant that if you needed to go you couldn't until the train started to move to the chinese border which was around 3 hours then when we got to the Chinese border we had to wait again so the whole thing took about 6 hours.  This was because they had to change the wheels of the train as they did not work on chinese rail lines.  At this point I was asleep and there was a massive jolt of the train I thought that I was going to fall out of my bunk.

The Train we were on.
Sunset in Mongolia.
No I didn't forget to take the cap off or move my hand.  I was about to take a picture of the scenery outside the train as I clicked we went into a tunnel and this is the end result.
The veiw as we got into china.

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