Monday, 31 October 2011

The Ger Camp

The Ger is a traditional camp that the Mongolian's live in, we got to stay in one for a night which was amazing just the hills yaks now noise just silence. We had a tradidtional mongolian meal which was yummy all I would say is beware of the long drop.

Statue of Ghengis Khan in the middle no where.
The Trans Siberian Gang
The Ger Camp
Me at the top of a hill/mountain just outside the Ger camp.


So Ulanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia at the beginning all I knew about Mongolia is that Ghengis Khan was from there.  Well they also produce lovely cashmere, were communist, main religion is Buddhism, they have found lots of dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert and there Mongolian barbeque is great.

Statue of Ghengis Khan in the the main square in Ulanbaatar.

Sunset the night before we got to Ulanbaatar.

Trans Mongolian and border crossing

Days 9 and 10: 1st and 2nd October 2011

So after a morning of walking around Irkustk it was back onto the Trans Mongolian to Ulanbataar the capital of Mongolia. 
Another train very one has become an expert on how to cram 12 people into a cabin.

After a night on the train we spent the whole day on the border of Russia and Mongolia.  We did manage to have a wonder near the border before the border control arrived.  The whole procedure took around 6 hours.

The worlds scariest bridge at the border of Russia/Siberia and Mongolia you wouldn't believe it but there were massive holes in the bridge and lorries still crossed it.

Don't go past the blue sign otherwise the Mongolians will shoot.

Monday, 17 October 2011

China Blackout

I cannot post anything on my blog as China does not allow it for some reason.

Update coming soon...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Irkutsk and Listvanyanka

Day 7: Friday 30th September 2011

Arrived  in Irkutsk early in the morning went to B and B which is in Listvanyanka and had a lovely shower after four days on a train you can imagine.  We all then walked into town had lunch which was kebab nom nom.  Hiked up to come cable cars so get a great view of Lake Baikal which is the largest lake in the world its the same size as belguim. Has dinner which was home smoked fish and veg.

 View from the top of cable car
 View from the top of Lake Baikal
 B and B we stayed at.

Trans SIberian part 2

Days 5 and 6: Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th September 2011

Took picture of scenery, sang, read and slept.  The trans siberian runs on Moscow time even though you go through different time zones so we had no idea of the actual time of day. I also did some sewing for my fellow travellers.

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Trans Siberian Part 1

Day four: Monday 26th September 2011

We start our journey to Irkustk  in Siberia.  We left the Hotel in Moscow which was built for the 1988 Olymipics by the way at 11:40 to get the trans siberian what I thought was 4 nights and 3 days worth of travelling turns out it was actually 4 days and 4 nights. 

Some of us waiting to board the train in total there are 11 of us merry travellers this train ride gave us all a chance to get to know each other.  There are 2 danish, 2 canadians, 1 aussie and 6 of us brits.

We left at 1:35pm the cabins are small as you can see from the picture below.

 Me climbing into the top bunk which was my bed for 4 nights
 Glen and Gia tucking into some chocolate pasteries
 Everyone getting used to their new surroundings
 Getting to now everyone yes we managed to fit all 12 into one cabin minus me I was taking the picture.