Monday, 7 November 2011

Great Wall and Roam China Tour

Ok so the first tour has ended and the new tour begins on the same day 9th October. But to mark the end of the Transiberian tour we decided to go to the Great Wall of China together. I can see why it is call the Great Wall because it is a short hike to the cable car which then takes you up to the 14th tower and it is very steep. We also went to see some tombs of an emperor however they were just red boxes which were replicated. It seems that alot of the chinese relics etc were distroyed or damaged during the communist period which I think is a shame but its the same the world over in with the new and out with the old.

You can kind of see how steep the mountain is and how the wall balances on the top of it.

Me at the Wall.
The Group with some random germans and japanese person.

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