Friday, 11 November 2011

Xi'an and Terraccota Warriors

After Shanghai you guessed it another overnight train to Xi'an where the Terracotta Warriors are, this is also the location of the Bell tower, Drum tower and one of the largest muslim community in china so there is a mosque I tried to find it to take a picture but unfortunately was unable to as there was a very large market there as well.  It was a little tricky getting to the terracotta warriors as it is at least an hour outside of Xi'an.  Our tour leader wrote instructions down so we could get a taxi to the bus station could we get a taxi answer no, did we have to walk around for hours yes did we end up getting a bus to the station yes.  We then found the right bus that goes to the terracotta site spent some time there.  The warriors are actually reconstructed and the excurvation sites are still in progress as they are still finding more and more parts.  The site was not a big as I expected it to be, but it turns out the warrior were painted giving them different colours for rank and also region they came from.  After the warriors we headed back to Xi'an which was straight forward but then we had to get a taxi and you guessed it the taxi took us the wrong way but we managed to do some shopping at walmart ready for the train the next night and also the boat ride.  Then another mission to get a taxi to the hotel but we survived.

Drums at the drum tower
 View from hotel room
 Reconstructed warriors

The bell tower

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