Friday, 23 December 2011

Travelling to the south of the North Island

Has the weather improved has summer finally reached New Zealand answer yes.  Whilst in Rotorua I went back to the Maori cultural experience again which was actually better second time round as I managed to see all of the village and made sure I filled my plate up with food, Chicken, Lamb, Peas, sweet potato, and pudding pavlova Mmmmmmm. Following day we went to the Rotorua Museum basically smelt bad because of the sulpher from the thermal pools etc. Whilst in Taupo we went to see the Maori carvings which meant a boat ride and it was a beautiful day for it. Then to river valley time to chill out, read and take part in a Yoga lesson this morning before going to Wellington.

 Rotorua Museum
 Huka Falls
 Mum by the boat we went on.
 View from the boat
 Me on the boat.
 Maori Carvings

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