Tuesday, 27 December 2011


What is there to do in Wellington during christmas I hear you ask, well that is easy not much on christmas day because everything is closed apart from the museum.  So we spent the day watching TV just like I would have done at home. The day before we wondered around wellington getting lost and getting our barings, we found Katherine Mansfields birthplace (which was closed) with the help of a local who found us very confused as the map was wrong.  Boxing day we went to the Museum Te Papa and went to the wedding dress exhibition looking at dresses from 1800s to present which was interesting and there were some weird and wonderful dresses from contemporary designers.  Then we hit the shops yes boxing day sales and managed to find clothes that actually fit me the first time in a while.  Then today was the big tour yes thats right people it was the LOTRs tour which was great fun recreating different scenes from the film and using the all might imagination.  Went past Peter Jacksons house and no there are no photos as Kiwis do not pester him or chase stars, we also went past the studios and saw a little building which is in the hobbit again no pics as we weren't allowed to.  Hopefully when we go to Hobbiton I might be able to get a couple of pics of the hobbits houses.  Oh nearly forgot also went to Weta Cave which is the company that did all of the costumes, CGI etc and sets. They have done a lot of work for a lot for different films, King Kong, Avatar, Chronicals of Narnia and many more I have forgot half of them. Again the pics speak volumes use your imagination.

 Rivendell sign.
On the way to Rivendell.
 Imagine some stairs on the right hand side that would lead into the center of Rivendell meeting area.
 Grace the Elf.
 Imagine a bridge in the background its the Gardens of Isengard.
 Helms Deep or Minas Tirith? see below.

Answer its both

Beer made for the pub scenes its only 1% though.
Minitures made at Weta.
 Out skirts of the Shire. aka Mt Victoria
 What it looked like in the film.
Frodo's Tree.
Where the Hobbits race to the ferry you know the scene.

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