Sunday, 4 December 2011

South Island continued

I have realised it is not easy to get to sleep if there are the following problems; the place you are staying in is freezing cold at night, people are running up and down outside your room and when people are shouting.  The next day an early start at 9 am to get to Franz Josef known for the Frans Josef Glacier.  It is a beautiful little town where everyone seems to know each other,  so what do you do when you arrive in Franz Josef I would recommend a 2 hour horse trek price $85 is it worth it definitely there are other places but they cost more and I think the views are stunning in Franz Josef plus I have never ridden a horse before and the guide was great. How do you follow up a 2 hour horse trek well you book yourself onto a full day glacier hike for the following day.  Admittedly I did not get that far before I had to turn around because of my knee but at least I got onto the ice and it was pretty much a full day as I only got back to town an hour before the rest of the full day hiker got back.  So after horse riding and a failed hike where do you go to the hot pools of course where there are 3 pools 36 degrees, 38 degrees and 40 degrees you start in the coolest and work your way up.  Now for those following my blog you will remember reading about my little mishap where I fell into a pool and now have a fear of water especially deep water well to get over the fear I went to the pools and by the end the water was up to my neck and I didn't freak out I even amanaged to float for 2 seconds before I got scared.

The start of my horse trek can you see the fear?
 One of many of me crossing a river.
 At the other side of the river.
 Towards the end of the trek my legs were sore.
 View from the dorm room.
 Franz Josef Glacier form the bottom.
One the way down to the glacier.
 Me pointing to the next section where I had to turn around.
The point I knew I had to turn back. (scarry stairs)
View of Franz Josef Glacier as we left Franz Joseph

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