Saturday, 10 December 2011

Back on the North Island

Arrived in wellington spent a day there just chilling and managed some how to spend $50 on bare essentails. Then went up to Taupo where we stopped off very briefly to see Mt Doom I wish I could remeber the real name of the Volcano but at this point in time I don't even know what day it is so there is no hope. After taupo back up to Auckland through some bubbling mud and where Hobbiton was built then to Paihia which is the place to go if you want to see the bay of islands.  I had planned to go to Paihia last as I was told that december is the beginning of summer so of course it rains when I get there.  Anyway I went to where they signed the Treaty of Waitangi which is a beautiful place regardless of the rubbish weather.  The treaty outlined how the land would be sold/land rights of the Maori people which is not being debated.  Lots of Maori's attended arriving in canoes they also have the largest canoe which can carry 80+ people. It was a good thing I planned to only stay for one night as the weather was still bad, however apparently they have had a draught in the Bay of Islands.  Now it is back to Auckland to start the whole journey all over again but just on the north island.

Mt Doom
 Bubbling mud.
 Lunch stop at Hobbiton
 Giant Canoe near the Treaty house.
The Treaty House.
 Maori meeting house.

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