Thursday, 8 December 2011

Final part of the South island

Next stop Wanaka a nice little town where I had the best Fruit shake ever raspberry sorbet mixed with pomegranate and apple juice nom nom nom.  But the best bit was the fact that our Kiwi Driver told everyone on the bus that at 5pm if you go to the lake with peanut butter sandwiches people might be lucky to see some dolphins can anyone see the problem with this story, yes you guessed it dolphins live in the ocean not lakes.  Apparently quite a few people turned up to see the dolphins did I turn up no because I was drinking my yummy fruit shake.  Before we got to Queenstown the adventure capital we stopped of at Puzzleworld hours of fun in the maze and the hall of illusions.  So what did I do when I got to Queenstown I went Luging think Go Karting down hill great fun.  Food wise there are two places hungry badger 20inch pizzas nom nom nom, teapots and Fergburger giant burgers nom nom nom. Then it was to Kaikoura only a 10hour drive with a very short stop off in Christchurch. I had planned to stay in Christchurch but due to the earthquake hostels are limited and so I went straight to Kaikoura where you can swim with dolphins and go whale watching which unfortunately I did not have time for as I left the following morning for Wellington.

 I think Mt Cook but it could be Mt Tasman hard to tell with all the cloud.
 The aim of the maze was to get to the red,yellow,blue and green corners.
 Lost in the Maze
20 inch pizza Mmmmmm.
View of Queenstown on the way up to luging.
 Mmmm Fergburger
Me  attempting to eat fergburger.
 View of lake at Queenstown.
Seals as we head to the ferry back to the North island

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