Sunday, 18 December 2011

North Island second time around.

Ok so my mum arrives in Auckland and it rains, we go out the following day and it rains, we join Kiwi Experience and head to Hot water beach the place where you can dig your own spa and it rains.  Next stop Waitomo yes you guessed it it rains now we are in Rotorua for two nights can anyone guess what it is like yep raining anyone seeing a pattern here?  However I have managed to book a couple of tours yes people I am in the land of the hobbit and therefore I am going on a LOTR's tour in wellington and hopefully to Hobbiton on the way back to Auckland.  Whilst in auckland I did manage to take a couple of pictures as it is Christmas time but doesn't really feel like christmas here apart from the said rain which was the first time I felt christmasy whilst being here.

 The View out of the window at Base.
 Even Orcs are getting into the christmas spirit.
 Who is this strange creature and where is my precious.

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