Thursday, 19 January 2012


As I said in my last post I was going to avoid spending any money for the last 6 days in Auckland which I managed to do by pretty much staying in the dorm and not going any where apart from the kitchen and back to the dorm.  It is possible to waste time all I did was spend time on the net, read my book and yes played a lot of solitaire to try and beat my top score.  Any way the flight to Vancouver was straight forward apart from the bit where I didn't sleep for the 12 hour flight to LA then the 3 hour wait in transit, but I did manage to get some sleep in the 3 hour flight to vancouver.  So in total I have 4 days here in vancouver I have had a wonder around and got the Big bus tour around Vancouver and all I can say so far is its like every other city maybe because it's winter here and the days are short but there aren't many places where there is a visible mountain range which looks like a christmas seen all dusted with snow.  I am looking forward to the Capilano suspension bridge tomorrow.

 Inside Christ Church Cathedral. (not the one in New Zealand)
 Christ Church from the outside hidden by tall buildings.
 On the way to the information center.
View from the Harbour

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