Saturday, 11 February 2012

Toronto and Family

After leaving Vancouver I arrived in Toronto to visit family and catch a few sights.  Family number one took me to lake Ontario, The Bata Shoe museum, Science centre to see Da Vinci's inventions, and Ottawa.  Family number two took me to the ceramic museum. Family number three took me to Niagra falls at night and a winter festival with the appearance of Darth and foot soldiers.  Family number four took me to a hindu temple and CN tower. Family number five took me shopping for some much needed clothes. Families six, seven and eight were unfortunately short visits due to time and availability. Going to the exhibition of Da Vinci's invertions was great especially as there was a copy of the last supper to which a school kid pointed to Judas and said to her friend thats the one Lady Gaga sings about before breaking into Lady Gagas song worrying I think so. My trip to Toronto however was mainly to see family that I haven't seen in 15 years or so and to be entertained by all of my new nieces and nephews which I worked out is 20 of them some of which I didn't know existed. Does this make me a bad aunty probably can I remember their names no which probably means I'm not a bad aunty just a very forgetfully aunty. Managed to see most of the family will just have to come back as they told me in the summer when the weather is better.  Right now I am just looking out of the window and it is snowing and wondering if my flight will be leaving tomorrow for home.  Aaahhhh home my own bed and not living out of a backpack.

Lake Ontario
  Parliament building Ottawa
Quebec seen from Ottawa. 
The Canal where people ice skate. (Ottawa)
 Bottle left in the frozen canal.
Melted snow that has frozen on the rocks on the way back to Toronto.
 Sunset heading towards Niagra fall.
Yellow light on Niagra Falls.
 Meeting Darth and his followers.
My Cousin the storm trooper.
 Ice Sculpture.
 No I didn't go to india I did go to an Hindu temple though.
  In CN Tower.
 A view from CN Tower.

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