Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A week and two days

You would think with a week to go before I start my travels I would be packed by now.  The answer to that is no, the reason I'm still not sure what to take with me current temperature in the countries/cities I will be going to first.

St Petersburg between 16 and 12 degrees, Moscow between 15 and 8 degress, Irkutsk between 8 and 1 degrees, Ulaanbaatar between 7 and -5 degrees, Beijing between 24 and 19 degrees.

Layers are the way forward but will I pack enough cloths to wear in the coldest city in the world?  I hope so. I also hope I can carry it all for the next five months.

I hope to up date this blog whenever possible keep checking for pics and what I have been up to.

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