Sunday, 25 September 2011

Step one Get to Russia part 2.

As I was saying I am writing down what ever happens which will be intersting.  So any way here is how the last 3 days have gone.

Day One: Friday 23rd September 2011

Wake up at 03:00 to get the underground to Heathrow from Dagenham.  Arrive by 07:00 have breakfast then check in luggage and go through immigration. Get through immigration realise I need to by a couple of things for flight only to see that the gate was boarding so ran around to find gate.  08:45 boarding get on to plane sit down plane is delayed because they didn't have enough food or the right food for very one leave 5-10 minutes late. 2 hours later we manage some how to arrive 5-10minutes early only to have to wait 5-10 minutes to get off said plane. In the meantime there is a person waiting to take me from the airport to the hotel at 3:35, which I was now late for at passport control contact the people in charge to make sure that I don't miss the transfer, get through passport control etc no problem find driver.

The Driver does not speak any english only Russian yes I now I shouldn't be suprised at this fact as I am now in Russia.  I get to the hotel which I then walk past the entrance which is a side door.  Nobody else has arrived yet.  Meet at 6p.m to meet guide and others on trip.  We then went to for dinner not to others planning to go to Russia make sure you have Roubles even when the itinerary says US dollars I had to go to an ATM to get money out to pay for dinner even though I had money just not roubles.  Should say I arrived in St Petersburg.

Dinner for those interested in russian food consisted of a potato salald which had beans, ham and another veg I think, roasted veg and a chicken burger type thing like a kiev but minus the butter and the breadcrumbs.

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